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Tanya Wilson


Years ago I replaced the term Easter with a “Season of Resurrection.” This time of year serves my life as a consecrated opportunity of reflection by way of a total self-examination. Sure, I see my medical doctor every year for tests and evaluations because it just makes sense to do so, but this season allows me to conduct tests and evaluations around my life journey, while celebrating in true thanksgiving the sacrifice that was made on my behalf.

If you are like me, you can look back over your life and think of a circumstance(s) or situation(s) that made you feel like you wouldn’t survive mentally or physically. Maybe you were faced with financial devastation or a serious medical situation, or a courtroom decision resulting in an unfavorable ruling, or maybe you suffered your way through a loss of some type. When we think about those times, we realize that we made it, or we are on our way out. Now that is a reason to put on a bonnet or a nice suit.

One of my favorite verses is John 20:15, when Jesus finds Mary Magdalene crying at the door of the tomb and says to her, “Woman, why are you weeping?” In that moment, Jesus isn’t asking a rhetorical question. He wants to know why we worry fretting and crying when hope is just a faith away.

I know firsthand that I have failed at times when swimming in the middle of my mess by mistakenly grabbing hold of the wrong piece of drift wood. But even in that, I grew because I learned that not everyone will stand with you in a storm, many will run away until the rain lets up never even offering you an umbrella. Not only that, once they get back in the house, they will call everyone else and tell them about the storm never encouraging you in the storm. This season reminds me that I must always hold on to the right covering in a storm because no matter how long we must stand in it, there is always a covering available until the sun comes out again.

Even though the season technically comes to an end on Monday, we need to keep this one going throughout the year. We don’t have to pull our hats and suits out just on Resurrection Sunday, we can dawn our goods all year long as we celebrate the goodness of the opportunity to get back up again.

I was thinking that maybe next year I will dye an egg for every situation I have been brought out of, and then I thought there might not be a basket big enough.

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