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Recently, the national media has erupted with concern over the state of Black marriage in America. Gloomy statistics depict that the institution is rapidly declining and many are losing hope.

Inspired by loving images of President and First Lady Obama, photographer Kea Taylor responds to the crisis with her debut book, “I Still Do – A Celebration of African American Weddings.” The beautifully presented coffee-table book shares a glimpse of the state of Black relationships from Taylor’s unique perspective as a seasoned wedding photographer. With her lens and talent for capturing the spirit of her subjects, Taylor offers ample photographic evidence that Black couples are, indeed, still saying “I do.”

Filled with a wide range of images from her nearly ten years as a professional observer, “I Still Do” takes the reader on a heartwarming journey allowing all to share in the excitement of wedding parties as they hurriedly prepare for their big “entrances,” quiet moments of reflection from the brides-to-be, family and friends in full celebration, and couples’ first, quiet moments as new life partners.

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