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I have been thinking a lot about why more people don’t take the time to say hello to love ones and to friends. I myself have been guilty of not calling my mom who’s now up in age as much as I ought to. Here she is the one who gave birth to me and now that my father has passed the only parent I have left alive. You would think ten minutes out of my day would not be asking too much to say a quick hello and I love you? Well what’s your story further more what’s your excuse as to why you don’t reach out more often than you do? Whatever your answer may be I want to encourage you to recognize the importance of each little “moment in life.”  I know this may sound tedious to some or just plan cheesy to others but if you think about it life is only a sum total of moments that have taken place over a period of time. What would have happen had you not had that one moment when you caught the eye of your then first love and now wife? Your children wouldn’t be here today, the love and support you have experienced over all these years would have never been there. And that is just one example of a thousands moments per day that we take for granted on a regular basis.

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