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Every woman needs a great circle of loyal, trustworthy, and sometimes wild and crazy girlfriends. With the term “frenenemy” running rampant in these streets and now an official word in the dictionary, it’s tough to find girls that actually have your back, and aren’t with the petty drama. Every now and then you need to take a break from the real world, and get loose with your girls, have a drink, take a vacation, gossip about men, have a good crying session, or a go on a Louis Vuitton shopping spree (lol).  In honor of Women’s History Month, our partners at have come up with 10 great things about having awesome besties! Kinda makes you want to call a girls night right now doesn’t it?

  1. Your girls have your back every step of the way.
  2. They’ll encourage you to do better when you need to.
  3. Your friends make you laugh like no one else can.
  4. Your friends are ready to council you out of your deepest despair.
  5. They have a huge sense of possibility and remind you to try for the unimaginable.
  6. You can always be yourself around your friends
  7. They understand the different seasons of life, and how they necessitate different actions.
  8. Your friends are the ultimate brain trust!
  9. They’re some of the baddest women you know!
  10. Simply put, they love you.

Aw, love you girls!

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