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During a recent visit to a convenience store, three men in their 40’s were standing in the middle of the store discussing “the man”.

How creative and prosperous “the man” was and how “the man” knew how to make money, etc. I left the store livid. I could not understand how three able bodied men could proclaim the success of someone else but not for a moment think that they could create their own opportunity for wealth. I was speechless. After leaving the store I entered my car, as I turn the car on Jay Z’s song Encore was on the radio; the next thing I heard was the chorus:

What the hell are you waiting forrrrr?

At that moment I wanted to run back in the store and say: What are you waiting for! I don’t know the story of these men. But their confession of hopelessness and destitution was depressing. In the song Encore, Jay Z shares his trials and struggles of making it to the top of his game. He speaks about the dues that he paid. How the record company didn’t believe in him and through it all he made it. The verse that really touches me is:

And I need you to remember one thing (one thing) I came, I saw, I conquered from record sales, to sold out concerts.

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