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Jonathan McReynolds launched a new podcast, The Book of Jon, two weeks ago alongside co-host and musician friend, Brunes Charles. Each episode highlights a different topic where the two dive in and relate back to real situations they’ve experienced. The latest episode, titled “Men and Accountability,” really honed in on the importance behind what a Black man can do for himself.

After getting an idea of what fans wanted to hear the duo discuss, McReynolds revealed that many women mentioned the idea of making safe spaces for men, but before jumping into that topic of discussion he felt it was important for women to see men talk about what they do for each other, first and foremost. McReynolds and Charles jump started the conversation discussing the importance of friendship and how men have a harder time being being vulnerable and open in their friendships: “Truth is, the friendships between men is not like what it is between women. I can know him for ten years and not really know his last name for sure,” McReynolds said. He also went on to say, “We really don’t ask all the deep questions that ladies would expect for us to ask. A male friendship can look very differently.”

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The discussion around men and being vulnerable can sometimes be a touchy one, but the two spoke from a place of experience which made viewers, specifically men, more susceptible to being able to relate. Referring the idea of some friends mimicking a mirror, McReynolds spoke on men looking to one another for the possible answers they need in order to open up. Opening up creates a space where you’re able to hold others accountable for their shortcomings. “We understand that we’re not perfect. And I think that’s one thing we gotta get over. We don’t feel flawless enough to call each other’s flaws out. What does it take for us men to get to that level of vulnerability? We keep trying to live, make mistakes, get wounded, hide wounds, and heal by ourselves and that’s why we are still in the same place,” he said.

While change doesn’t happen over night, McReynolds and Charles created the space to remind men that vulnerability and accountability go hand-in-hand, especially when you have the right people in your corner. Closing out the episode, McReynolds said, “Men, get you a friend, get you an answer, and start asking some questions, man.”

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