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“But you will not even need to fight. Take your positions; then stand still and watch the Lord’s victory. He is with you, O people of Judah and Jerusalem. Do not be afraid or discouraged. Go out there tomorrow, for the Lord is with you!” 2 Chronicles 20:17

Recently, I have been reminded through some challenging situations that what I am attempting to fight is not for me to take on…yes, I am the one taking the hits, feeling the pain, and desiring a change. I am the one who wants to throw a punch, share some choice words, exit stage left. But, I cannot do that for one important reason, this is all happening in order for me to be reminded who has my back and is ALWAYS in control, even when I feel out of control…God. God has myself and God has you in battles for a reason. Knowing that fact alone should cause you to begin to react to your situation differently. Instead of preparing to fight, we should throw up our hands and surrender.

Stop trying to figure it out, stop asking for a reprieve, or stop making decisions based on the current emotional tide. What God is looking for you to do in this battle is to seek Him, trust Him and obey Him.

Seek Him the minute you feel the emotional tide is about to take you to yet another island of confusion and frustration. Before you react in action or word to the latest punch thrown at you, stop and seek God first. Not an easy thing to do…because our human side is always ready to punch back. We have to readjust our mind to always go to God, when something negative has happened, even if it’s a quick, “Lord HELP!”

Trust Him to provide you with what you need, in the form of direction, peace, clarity, and love. He is the only one that can help you. Because remember, He placed you in the battle for a reason and here’s the shouting point, your season there has an expiration date. Meaning….this is your “today” reality, but not your “tomorrow” reality. He is fighting on your behalf and will bring you out, in due season. So don’t faint yet!

Obey Him in what He directs you to do. This will be easier to do, if you have successfully accomplished the first two points of seeking and trusting Him. Because even if what He tells you goes against what you want or what the crowd wants…you will have a peace and boldness that surpasses understanding, knowing that you are truly obeying Him. If God is directing you, He is also providing you safe ground to walk on….the sea has been parted….just take the steps forward….as He holds your nay-sayers and enemies at bay behind you.

Stay encouraged. Don’t try to figure things out on your own. Don’t react based on the latest emotional punch. Seek God, allow Him to bring the answers in whatever form He chooses to…be it a person, a book, a sermon, an action. Determine if its God-sent…if it’s not….don’t allow it to lay in your spirit…because the adversary is also around ready to confuse and deter you.

No matter how confused, hurt or discouraged you currently feel…God has you in His hands. When you are on the other side of this battle, you will know that no one but God brought you out. That is always His ultimate goal…to give us a testimonial praise.

Walk in faith; live in love. Mo Wood