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Visiting with my aunt this week was a real treat. Living out of state, the coordination of visits can be challenging against schedules. This was a special time for my aunt and me because she is someone that I have looked up to and learned from since I was just 15 years old. I can’t even tell you how many of her “been there and done that” speeches I have sat through!

This visit seemed to be reminiscent of some things I didn’t realize she was still carrying, Many I vaguely remembered, but had no idea of the torment she had put herself through all of these years.

As I listened, I could not help thinking of all the things she had championed me through, reminding me that “God is a forgiving God!” She could believe it for me, but failed when it came to believing in her forgiveness,

Not surprisingly, my aunt is not alone. For many of us, praying for someone else and believing in their forgiveness inclusive of reminder scriptures, is easy. But when it comes to us, forgiving self is sometimes a challenge. Early in my life, I too could beat myself up over mistakes, finding it hard to believe that a sincere repentance could wipe the slate clean.

True healing comes from your own relationship with the Lord. “Sea of Forgetfulness” by gospel artist Helen Baylor is one of my favorite songs of all time. Besides being a powerful song, it serves as my reminder of Micah 7:19 where we are able to understand that our transgressions following repentance lands in a sea of forgetfulness.

If you are holding on to something from your past, remember that the same grace and mercy is available to you. Release yourself from personal bondage and of bondage put upon you by those friendly reminders from others that keep you locked to that that has long since been dealt with.

Release yourself to enjoy the grace that is available to you. Walk in the freedom knowing that you have settled it with the Lord, and He has received your sincere repentance and regardless of any reminders, it stops there.

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