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Go Back to Church | Faith Walking

faith walking

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 I feel like some of y’all been putting the blame in the wrong place. I think some of you have experienced things that broke your heart and broke your spirit. And instead of blaming the enemy, you blamed people. But God is who you rejected because you don’t go to church. You don’t want to go to church. You talk bad about church and I get it. Sometimes you’ve gone through different things and you’ve experienced different things and it hurt you. But if the Bible calls us to church, fellowship and fellowship is community it it is communion. It is being together, it’s being held accountable. It’s being in the same room with others who believe, like you believe, and it is necessary. 


Scripture tells us over and over again Acts 2:42, and they devoted themselves to the apostles teaching and the fellowship to the breaking of bread and prayers that sound. Talking and eating and being a church together, right. Yeah. So it sounds like to me for where there are two or three gathered in my name, there I am among them. One version says there I am in the midst, right. Colossians let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom, singing psalms and hands and spiritual songs with thankfulness. In your hearts, right? 


All of that sound like church to me. Sounds like fellowship. And so though your heart may have been broken by someone or something, it doesn’t mean stop going because we were never going for the people anyway. We were going for God. We were worshipping with people. And guess what? Everybody is come that’s coming has been saved from something or needs to be delivered from something, or it’s still dealing with something. So don’t come expecting perfection because we’re all trying to get to the perfect one, which is the father, right? So as we come, we learn to have grace and understanding cause we don’t need to have grace for you at some point point in time, being understanding, being forgiving. 


Being patient with people, all these things help us to grow as a believer. So even though it may be challenging and you may, you know, not feel like being bothered with people, a lot of people are, you know, using the language of the day and you know with how they process, you know it’s self-care and I’m an introvert and I don’t like people and all that. 


God never created us to be an individual island where we never commune with other people. I’m not saying that you are not fearfully and wonderfully made you are you absolutely are. There’s something unique and special about you, but the Bible tells us to gather together, and so we should gather. 


So I’m not sure if what you left for, but whatever that reason, even if you have to go to a different church, by all means get with another group of believers be in a place where you can experience the worship together. You guys can all worship God together, right? And worship is the one thing at the service that’s for God anyway. You know he’s not coming to pick up the change. 


Than though the offering is to bless the church and be a blessing for the church to function in the church, the part that’s for him is the worship and worshiping together. Does something beautiful to our heart and it pushes back the darkness. It literally stops the hand of the plan of the enemy. So I say get in fellowship with a good church. All right? That is my faith walk for the day, ladies and gentlemen. 


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