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Jennifer Hudson is renowned for her exceptional talent and influential presence. Rising to fame as a finalist on American Idol, she later achieved widespread acclaim for her powerful vocals and remarkable acting skills. Hudson’s magnetic stage presence and soul-stirring performances have garnered her numerous accolades, including an Academy Award and Grammy Award. As a trailblazer, she has shattered barriers and become an inspiration to aspiring artists of color, breaking through stereotypes and paving the way for greater diversity and representation in the entertainment world. Her impact resonates far beyond her musical and acting achievements, empowering generations to pursue their dreams fearlessly.

In her newest venture, Hudson is launching Mastercard’s Stand Up To Cancer fundraising initiative this year by starring in their latest television advertisement. The commercial aims to inspire individuals to unite and create an impact in the fight against cancer. It showcases Mastercard’s innovative approach by providing cardholders with a convenient method to contribute to vital cancer research through their everyday dining and grocery purchases. By participating in this campaign, customers can effortlessly amplify their donations and play a significant role in supporting the ongoing battle against cancer.

In an exclusive interview with the Dreamgirls actress, she discusses her collaboration with Mastercard, how she pours into herself, and what she loves most about her new talk show.

HelloBeautiful: Tell us how the partnership with Mastercard in support of their Stand Up to Cancer donation campaign came about.

Jennifer Hudson: Mastercard is family, first of all. It’s my favorite venture ever, but I just love how they make sure they reach out to the world and make a difference. And we all know too well how close to home cancer is to everybody in some way, shape, or form. Anytime I could be a part of that and lend my name or whatever to make a difference or to help build awareness, I’m all for it. I’m super excited about this venture. And it’s the cause just to bring together goodness and make a difference and encourage everybody to do their part. And, if we do things individually, that’s powerful, but if we come together, we are mighty, honey. Mighty.

HelloBeautiful: Ok, Bishop Jennifer. I love that. So tell us what your experience was like working on the new commercial.

Jennifer Hudson: You know, it was so pleasant. It was nice because I loved seeing people come together on one accord, and with positivity; everybody was there for that mission. It was a beautiful light day. We knew we had a mission, and you could feel the space’s synergy and energy. It came together well, and you’ll see it when you see the finished product.

HelloBeautiful: When it comes to the importance of the little acts of good that can make a difference. Why do you think it’s so important to extend grace? Especially in the times we’re living in.

Jennifer Hudson: Because exactly what you said – the times we’re living in, there is not enough grace. We don’t even have enough for ourselves. You know what I mean? Mercy, compassion, care. So anytime we could get a platform to encourage that or set an example for it, I think those are the things that make a difference when we could. I take my hat off to MasterCard for continually creating these platforms and setting these examples.

HelloBeautiful: Yeah, that’s good. How do you show yourself little acts of good to yourself?

Shopping with my Mastercard. Listen, if you work hard, you should play hard. You know what? I want to see adults smile more. We work and do what we are supposed to, but when do we stop and really play, smile, enjoy, and treat ourselves, you know? Finding those little moments, and I know we don’t get a lot, especially a lot of us moms and women working and all of those things. It’s taking the time to encourage yourself, you know what I mean? Sometimes we don’t always need others, but it’s like, girl, you better, you know what you’re doing. You better celebrate yourself and not look for others to do it. But honey, celebrate yourself.

HelloBeautiful: Speaking of celebrating yourself, what do you love most about being a Black woman?

Jennifer Hudson: Mm, everything. Oh my God, what could I pick? One thing?

HelloBeautiful: You could pick multiple. Tell me all the things.

Jennifer Hudson: Man. The presence of a Black woman. I was watching someone speak of the word strength, and I’m going to put that aside, but the resilience we have and the drive we possess. Girl, you got me thinking. I have never been asked that question. I’ve been blessed to grow up around so many powerful women within my family. My mother was very silent, but she had such a strong presence. And then all my aunts, you couldn’t help but to come out being an empowered, resilient, determined Black woman. And I thank them for that.

HelloBeautiful: That resonates, and that’s how you show up, especially in thinking about your new talk show and just the amazingness of that. What’s your favorite part about this new platform?

Jennifer Hudson: Thank you. Being able to represent us, it makes me so proud. Every time I see one of my sisters, and being able to give them a platform or celebrate each other or encourage each other. I had a MasterCard luncheon on the lot of the studio. It inspired me so much, and it’s important for us to let each other know that no matter what we do or what level we think we are on, we can still inspire each other. They inspired me so much, and looking at each other and seeing ourselves is amazing.


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