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It’s been a few weeks since Lauryn Hill announced she was going on tour. Immediately fans across the nation began grabbing tickets to Hill’s shows like it was a snow storm coming to Charlotte and there was a shortage of bread and milk. Well, it seems that the snow storm was a fake. Reviews of Hill’s show have been less than stellar, with many upset because the diva has been late … and at this point is becoming notorious for being late. In Brooklyn, the miseducated Lauryn told her fans she was worth the 3-hour wait they had to endure for the concert.

One Essence staffer has even suggested that it is time to let L-Boogie die and remain a permanent memory.

But I disagree.

While her vocals may not be where we remember them and the rhymes may not flow from her lips as freely as they use to, I think we owe it to Lauryn to give her another chance. For many her actions (and words) show a lack of disrespect for her fans. And maybe they do, but what it also shows us is she is still dealing with the demons that caused her to leave the game in the first place. I don’t know why she’s back, but I am happy to see her trying to return to something similar to normalcy because being trapped away from society is not normal.

I think I am willing to give a little when it comes to Lauryn because like many of us (although many won’t accept this truth) she is dealing with life’s circumstances to the best of HER ability. We all have issues to deal with and some of us are better at coping than others. Whatever Ms. Hill, as she likes to be called, has experienced in her life has caused to her react to the world this way. And while we can stand on our box of righteousness and say that she should do this or could do that … we don’t know what she’s dealt with or how … if put in the same situation … we’d deal with the same demons.

So, I say cut her some slack.

Even in light of the reviews and her lack of decorum, I look forward to rocking with L-Boogie on January 8 at Amos’. I pray she isn’t late, but even if she is, I will be there waiting (and praying) for her and ready to embrace her as she continues the fight for life.