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By Tanya Wilson


It’s always interesting to me to see how quickly the shelves in the grocery stores clear out of staple items when predictions of bad weather begin to surface. It doesn’t take long for us to spring into action as we prepare for what the season is offering. At those times, I often wonder if we are as dutiful when it comes to preparation for the seasons of our lives.

Winter, typically cold, rainy or snowy, offers the shortest days and the longest nights. Sounds like life at times.

Winter has shown up in my life many times. Sometimes, it seems like all growth is stunted. Fortunately, my dreams survive, but they sure seem to be in hibernation. Early in my spiritual journey, I didn’t know how to store up, patiently planting without seeing what the end would be, while remaining steadfast and unmovable. But when I figured that piece out, all I can say is wow!

Spring is my favorite time of year. I just love the color and the life that seems to jump out. The seeds planted and tilled during the winter, if cared for, produce fruit. Our dreams are no different; they require our care and protection, even when we cannot see what’s up ahead. During the spring of our lives, the budding is sure to come.

Summer, the time of year when the sun shines the brightest and the harvest is ripe. Much like life, if we prepare appropriately, while remaining faithful, the fruit of our labor will be ripe for the picking.

The fall of the year brings about decline. Leaves begin to change and fall off; the air shifts a little cooler. There are times in life as well, when things are on the decline drying up and falling off, but if we can only remember that the seasons of our lives change, wisdom teaches us to plant when it doesn’t make sense, water when we see a bud, harvest when ripe and store up with faithfulness when the shift comes.

Here we are welcoming a New Year. Isn’t it just like God to have a New Year start in the winter months? Imagine that, a time for planting the new, allowing the old to die off. Clearing out that which cannot go forth, as you prepare for the budding yet to come. Getting ourselves in the ready position for the full sunshine of our days, allowing us to maximize our work according to our assignment, as we prepare, for our next season carefully remembering there is a time for planting, and a time for reaping. I pray that as we close out year, we will purge the old and embrace the possibilities of the new, so that we can all share in the sunshine of our promise. Happy New Year.

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