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A recent survey by looks at the racial integration of all 50 states plus the District of Columbia.  The gaps between black people and white people were measured across 21 key indicators of equality and integration including median annual household income, standardized-test scores and voter turnout.  North Carolina ranked #18. Arizona is ranked #1, followed by Hawaii #2, Texas #3, Montana #4 and Maryland #5.

There is a separate ranking for the most racial progress.  North Carolina is ranked #9.  Wyoming is ranked #1, followed by Texas #2, Georgia #3, Mississippi #4 and Florida #5.

With some of the policy changes by state lawmakers in recent years, some political experts have called North Carolina the ‘Alabama of the 1960s’ based on voter ID laws, redistricting maps, minimum wage, funding of Public Schools, the failure to expand Medicaid, and the lack of competitive pay for teachers to name a few.  Governor Roy Cooper signed the first budget into law last year, the first time in the past three years.  Cooper signed the budget into law but said he did it despite “missed opportunities” and “politically and unnecessary missteps.”

Please share your thoughts on racial integration and racial progress for the Tar Heel state.


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