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Is forgiveness within the true abilities of any human?  Psychiatrists and many counselors have made incredible livings selling people the idea of forgiveness.  We spend a great deal of time and effort finding ways to get over the hurts of our present and our past.  We flock to conferences time and time again seeking answers.  The book stores are filled with self help books and magazine articles that address forgiveness as the basis for many issues we all face.  They all encourage you to forgive yourself for your past or to forgive those you feel have wronged you. I will never be one to tell you these tools that I have mentioned do not work.  I have been involved in the counseling and motivational conferences myself.  My position is as follows:  If you do not rely on a source other than yourself, you will always return to your old ways because true forgiveness is not a human capability.

How many times have you been told you are forgiven for something only to have it resurface again? Let’s face it.  What we are looking for in forgiveness is the ability to forget.  We have all forgiven someone of something only to have the slightest thing bring it back to memory.  Why do we not have that God given ability to throw everything into a sea of forgetfulness?  Why do we say, “I forgive you but I will not forget?”   The reason is we do not have the capacity within ourselves to accomplish this action.

You have to rely on God to do the forgetting for you.  You may be able to say the words I forgive you, but forgetting the wrong done to you is a task far beyond human capability.  This is why Christians lean heavily on forgiveness of their sins.  We know there is only one source of true forgiveness, which is Christ.  If anyone out there knows of a direct line to Tiger Woods, they may want to pass this information along to him and Elin.  If Tiger has any intention of saving his marriage after the damage he has caused, he is going to need a faith with the capacity for him to forgive himself and be forgiven.  He is going to need a real Savior not just a chant to clean this mess up.

If any of you out there are looking for a way to forgive yourself or someone else without Christ, you are never going to find it.  Christ is the only one that has ever walked this earth with the true capacity for forgetting a wrong.  Rely on Christ to get you through those tough spots – if you really want to forgive.  Seek all the Godly counsel you can, just know in the end you need Christ to make a real difference.  I Am Just Trying To Help.

Written By Napoleon For