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Putting In the Work

“Do you see a man skilled in his work? He will serve before kings; he will not serve before obscure men.” Proverbs 22:29 NIV

It’s funny, we always pray for the increase and the abundant blessings, but rarely do we do a self-check to see if we are prepared to maintain the blessing when we get it. We want the reward or recognition, but we never want to put in the necessary work needed to not only get it but also to ensure we can keep it. We pray, “Lord send me a helpmate.” But, “self-check”, right now, are you able to maintain your finances, keep your house clean, cook MEALS…not a hot dog or micro waved dish? Are you a good communicator? Can you express your feelings in a way that helps and not hurts the other person? I could go on. If you have said no to more than one of these, you may not be ready for the helpmate….because with them (the blessing) come these responsibilities and more…on a daily basis.

Or maybe, the self-check is professionally. You know through opportunities, access and influence that your professional career is about to go to the next level. However, you also know in order to maintain that new level you will need to firm up your foundation, strengthen your skills, add new services, engage new audiences, etc. Are you prepared to put in the work?

Well, for me, through many confirming talks, thoughts and teachings, I have learned that in preparation for my next level of blessings, it is time for me to engage in some form of advanced education. I have known for a minute that I need to participate in a group or class that would help to enhance, strengthen and perfect my public speaking skills. So, this sistah, with a BA in Speech (the irony), plans to put in the work to tighten up what I know by learning ways to enhance my skills, so I can “represent” when the opportunities present themselves….and, they are starting to come. In doing the pre-blessing work, I am showing God that I am walking in a spirit of great expectations for what He has promised.

What about you? What do you need to perfect in your life in preparation for the next level you know God is taking you…either professionally, personally or spiritually? Stop procrastinating and do what you need to do to sustain the blessing when it comes.

Walk in faith. Live in love.

Mo Wood