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Want to grow longer, stronger hair? I mean who doesn’t?

According to YouTuber La Reice Monaie, all you need is this one simple ingredient, “Diatomaceous Earth (Food Grade).” Diatomaceous Earth is a natural and organic supplement, and not many people are aware of what it is and all of its benefits.

DE is what some people are calling a miracle, and others are raving about that got their hair to grow faster and retain length.

Here’s a look at another YouTuber Gayle Jenkins on her testimony on how Diatomaceous Earth has tremendously changed her life and helped grow out her hair, especially her edges. So, if you suffer from single strand knots, dry, and damaged hair or if you want healthier hair, in general, you may want to check out DE for yourself.

So, what is Diatomaceous Earth?

DE is fossilized diatoms, a natural organic product packed with silica, which is one of the main ingredients needed to grow hair, skin, and nails. According to, DE is a gentle abrasive that is highly absorbent and contains mostly of silica –which is an essential component of human ligaments, cartilage, and musculature. It is an incredible dietary supplement for overall health as it supports and aids healthier hair, skin, bones, joints, and a great cleanse.

This one simple ingredient can save your hair and nails from being dry and brittle to flourishing and growing faster than ever. Be sure to consume FOOD GRADE DE.

Diatomaceous earth

Source: Diane Macdonald / Getty

So, where can you get it?

You can get Diatomaceous Earth at almost any natural store or online. Here are three brands we like:

How do you consume it?

***First off, here is our disclaimer: I would recommend speaking with your healthcare provider first if you are on any medications and unsure if this supplement may interfere. Always do your research before consuming any product. Never inhale the dust of DE or put your face directly towards the dust.

When consuming Diatomaceous Earth, you want to take on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. Start with 1-teaspoon in water, juice, or a smoothie. When your body is has become more familiar with DE, you can gradually intake more, so maybe consuming two teaspoons. Some people take it twice a day; however, just adding DE to your diet alone will change your life.

Consistently taking DE daily can produce a tremendous amount of hair growth at a faster than average rate. DE has so many other great benefits that it is not only used for hair, skin, and nails but also, a total body cleanse.

So, if you are ever in need of a natural product that will support hair growth, clear skin, healthier nails, detox your digestive system, and reduce joint pain? Then, Diatomaceous Earth is the holy grail of all supplements you need to be adding to your diet.

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