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The Politics Convo That Brings Out Everyone’s -Isms

Picture it.

You’re in the middle of passing food around the table. The vibes are great and the dishes are immaculate. You finally get the mac-and-cheese to your side of the table and prepare to dig in.

Then, right before your fork punctures the chewy, yet cheesy crust…

Your sister’s White boyfriend says something that’s extra racist.

No White people in your family?


But your favorite uncle just said something so sexist, you thought someone left a Trump press conference on T.V.

Two minutes later, a homophobic slur is thrown across the table easier than air travels.

Family members get challenged.

The discussion gets heated.

True colors come out.

Now you hate everyone.

Suggested Movie: Ralph Breaks the Internet

After feelings have been dragged across the flowery table cloth, there’s nothing like a good non-political kids movie to ease the tension. A group of colorful characters navigating the Internet world?

Everyone can relate to that, right?

You can remember you hate your family after the movie.

But until then, have a laugh, shed some tears and let Disney delve you into youthful bliss.

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