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The “Pull Yourself Up By Your Bootstraps” Convo

Anyone doing bad in school knows this conversation all too well.

That report card is on STRUGGLE.

Your class behavior is deemed “lazy” or “careless.”

You’re hanging with the “wrong crowd.”

Usually, a parent figure will find the most opportune time to let everyone know you’re failing in some kind of way.

Pass the yams?

“When are you gonna pass that 11th grade algebra class?”

Kids aren’t the only ones in the hot seat either. If you’re over 18, not gainfully employed or you don’t have a five-year plan for your future, you better believe you’re vulnerable to the never-ending gaze of judgement.

Suggested Movie: Creed II

Let’s face it, no matter what movie you see, your mom, aunt or financially stable family member is going to find some way to make it about you. So you might as well watch a buff Michael B. Jordan punch things in the process. And who knows, Creed II‘s story of family, redemption and beating the odds might inspire you to get moving on your dreams.

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