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By John Love


This isn’t about other people.

This isn’t about circumstances, events, occurrences, or situations.

This isn’t about judgment, shame, guilt, blame, vindication, apologies, or forgiveness.

This isn’t about making anyone or anything right, wrong, or anywhere in between.

This is about the power, privacy, and potency of your thoughts,

feelings, vision, vibration, dream, fantasy, mojo, epic novel, self portrait, gorgeous design, brilliant movie, and perpetually ingenious creations.

Entertain only the notion that changes your paradigm from the negative, desperate, put upon, futile, despair-rich, bitter, and puts you in the thick of “Yes!” “Mmmmh!” “Aaaaah!” “Why of couuuurse!” “I love it.”

John Love Jr. is a Charlotte-based actor, poet and meditative guide. Find him on Facebook.

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