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VIA New Growth Hair During the past decade, large numbers of African-American women have walked away from harsh chemicals and returned their hair to its…

By Lashawnda Becoats Dear Friends, Please don’t wish me Happy Father’s Day. I know you mean well but I am a mother not a father. Today is the day we celebrate father’s, grandfather’s, uncles, friends and mentors who are there for their children and other people’s children. Although at times in my motherhood journey I’ve […]

Are you are you a liar? I used to be a liar. I would lie from the time I woke up in the morning until the time I went to bed at night. I was so good at not telling the truth that I began to believe all the untruths I spoke. Then one day […]

By Lashawnda Becoats I’ve never been a huge fan of Beyoncé. Although, I admit I have been known to break out a sweat trying to…

By Coach Lashawnda The other day I was walking my puppy when a woman walking towards us stopped dead in her tracks. At first I paid no mind to her but my dog Louis (pronounced Louie), who is only five pounds started barking. “Are you afraid of dogs?” I asked loudly. She was standing at […]

Since coming to Charlotte last year, UPTOWN Magazine has been deftly penetrating the Charlotte market with its mix of local and national luxury urban lifestyle coverage. Last week the company strengthened its footprint here by naming Lashawnda Becoats as its Charlotte editor. “Our readers are a very sexy crowd who are always on the right […]

Despite the recession, we are still a consumer culture. My mother still shops online til she drops. She also has clothes in her closet that she hasn’t worn and may never wear. To curb her shopping habit, I gave her a copy of Phillip Bloch’s new book “The Shopping Diet: Spend Less and Get More.” […]