Jim Crow

In 1936, an African-American mailman created a travel guide specifically designed to help African Americans on the road know where they could go and safe as well as be treated with dignity.

If this sign spotted at Cleveland's Quicken Loans Arena is any indication, things are going to get ugly at the RNC.

A classroom experiment about discrimination at an Indiana high school turned into a nightmare after the teacher instructed students to post "Whites only" and "Blacks only" signs near bathrooms and drinking fountains.

Today marks the 60th anniversary of Rosa Parks taking a stand by defying the Jim Crow law that called for the separation of the races on public transport.  Parks was returning home from work and refused to move to the back of a bus to allow a white man to have her seat. That defiant act […]

https://twitter.com/MegPace/status/646349650790891520 The NAACP chapter in Jefferson County, Ala. is arguing that a mural depicting slaves picking cotton while a White overseer watches should be removed from the county courthouse, Think Progress reports. The mural, made to represent the “Old South,” was installed at the entrance of the building in 1934; a time when Black people were […]