Each year, paying for college is becoming more expensive. And in these tough economic times, many students of color are faced with a choice that will forever shape their lives. The choice — whether to attend college, drop out or forsake school all together. It is a choice that’s becoming increasingly prevalent across the country […]

WAKE COUNTY, NC.–The stake are rising as politicians, parents and members of the Wake County Public School System battle for and against a measure that would re-segreate the county’s schools. The new “neighborhood schools” platfrom would assign students to schools closer to where they live, rather than busing students to schools outside of their neighborhood […]

NEW YORK — An education program that uses hip-hop to prepare students for standardized tests is showing promise and legitimizing the art as a learning…

NEW YORK — For the first time in nearly two decades, New York City is requiring Sex Education classes in all of its public middle and high schools. The new requirements calls for students as young as 11-years-old to be instructed on topics like puberty, pregnancy, and the dangers of unprotected sex. Currently only 64% […]

LOS ANGELES — At a time when summer school and learning programs are losing funding and being cut, Freedom School — a summer learning program…

NEW YORK — For weeks the media has been abuzz covering the story of Autum Ashante, a 13-year-old whiz kid who was accepted to the University of Connecticut, but later told by the university that her acceptance had been rescinded. Last week, NewsOne reported that Josephine Minnow, a UConn alumna started a petition to get […]

Two weeks ago, the University of Connecticut rescinded the acceptance of 13-year-old Autum Ashante, declaring her not “academically ready”— although she has an IQ test score of 149. Autum’s father, Batin Ashante, was reportedly enraged by the university’s decision, calling it “B.S.” He told reporters that his daughter was “devastated.” However, the Ashante’s weren’t the […]

LOS ANGELES — A new study by the Public Policy Institute of California reports that students retained by the 2nd grade made huge improvements, with much higher percentages reaching full proficiency in math  and english. ALSO READ: Nene Leakes BLASTS Star Jones ‘Manipulative, Conniving’

California — Before, during and even between classes at Hillbrook School this fall, seventh-graders have been spotted on the Los Gatos, Calif., campus, sometimes burbling Spanish or Mandarin phrases into the glowing screen in their hands, other times staring into it like a looking glass. iPads — the Apple of almost every adolescent’s eye — […]

Texas – Ashley Brown, 16, and Alicia Bonura, 18, both of Beaumont, Texas, died March 29, 2006. They were on a bus carrying their West Brook High School soccer team when it overturned near Devers, Texas, on its way to a playoff game in Humble.

Atlanta — African American students who attend HBCUs do better in both math an technology according to a recent report. BlackWeb 2.0 reports: On Monday,…

VIA: Singer, actor and activist John Legend recently visited Howard University in Washington, DC. During his visit Legend spoke with students, urging them to become teachers. Legend told the students that education was the civil rights movement of his generation. The Grammy-award winning singer, who graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, says too many […]