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Our 44th President Barack Obama has embodied change & strong advancement of our country during his two terms.

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Before Obama leaves office, we had to acknowledge & highlight some of his greatest accomplishments as our country’s leader over the years.

44. Rescued the economy from the great recession

43. Ended U.S. combat mission in Iraq & Afghanistan

42. Eliminated Osama bin Laden

41. Supported federal recognition of same-sex marriages

40. Diversified the Federal Bureaucracy

39. Kick-started the Clean Energy Investment

38. Passed Health Care Reform

37. Cut Veteran homelessness in half

36. Expanded health coverage for children

35. Improved school nutrition

34. Secured commitment to a global agreement on climate change

33. Passed credit card reforms

32. Passed Fair Sentencing Act

31. Improved America’s image abroad

30. Changed the U.S. auto industry

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