By Tanya M. Wilson


The media storm over allegations of Fantasia’s affair with a married man left me with two words – no comment.

Why no comment, because it could have been me. Perhaps my transgressions didn’t deal with a married man, but few, if any of our closets are free of a skeleton or two. Yet it seems so easy for some to walk in self righteousness. I am not saying that Fantasia is in the right or in the wrong; I am simply warning of the dangers of judgment. I couldn’t help thinking while reading some of the opinions across the various communication channels, what if all the judgment and words of negativity offered words of encouragement. Life is a gift; her daughter is a gift along with her family and friends. In the words of Donnie McClurkin, “We fall down, but we get up.”

We all make mistakes but it is not over. Suicide is not the answer.

Life is a series of lessons. Some lessons are peaks and some lessons are valleys.

Both are designed to grow us and perfect us. Rather than judge, gossip and condemn, why not consider sharing transparently your story and how you made it through. If He did it for you, He WILL do it for someone else. Transparent testimonies have the power to change lives. Step right up, who will be first.

Tanya M. Wilson is a Charlotte-based inspirational speaker. Find her on Facebook.

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