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Source: LIONEL BONAVENTURE/Staff / Getty

There is a baby whose images have been used in memes quite a bit over the last few days. It turns out, the subject of the not-so-nice memes is apparently 9 year old Casey Bardowell. According to a FOX News story,  Casey is 9 and suffers from Leukemia and Graft versus Host Disease, caused by complications stemming from a cord blood transplant.

Her single mother Tracy was forced to quit her work as a secretary, and at last report in April they have been going back and forth between living with relatives and in homeless shelters. Casey receives treatment four times a week at Manhattan’s Sloan Kettering. I can’t seem to find any updates anywhere, but this is a link to a fund set up to help her family. Not meaning to rain on the fun, but when we know better we do better. :0)