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Poor Vickie Winans! She has been having a hard time!

Vickie has had a full schedule for a long time. She is not only known as an award-winning gospel recording artist. But she’s revered as a consummate business woman that heads up Viviane, Inc. where she manages herself and books hundreds of shows per year.

She is also the President of her own record label, Destiny Joy Records. A producer, director, songwriter, actress and comedienne as well, Winans does everything!

Check out Vickie’s Instagram post below to see what’s ailing her. We prays she gets well soon.

Ok! I AM WAS SO CAUGHT this past Saturday!!!😳 I had major surgery last Tuesday on my shoulder to repair a large tear in my rotator cuff, shave down those painful bone spurs, and remove ruptured muscular tissue, after I was injured last year in my room where the chandelier of a 5-star hotel fell on me hitting the right side of my head, my shoulder, and arm?😩 Right before I just broke on down and had the surgery, my shoulder was getting so bad until I had to start canceling dates!😁 Baby you already know that’s a real problem!😂 Even at the Stellar Awards, I was just miserable, but I wanted to be there to accept my medal for being one of the first 10 inductees ever to receive the “Stellar Medal of Distinction!” Oh what an honor that was! It was seriously downhill with my shoulder from there!😩 Now today, I thought I would text my sons and their wives this pic of me out and about after stressing them through all the grueling surgery events, and show them how good I was doing!😳 Oh baby, that was NOT a good idea!😂😂😂 My oldest son @iamMarioWinans was livid!😡 My sons are always respectful, but they lost it after seeing this pic! This is exactly what Mario texted me: “Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! what in the world u doing traveling❓❓❓❓ 😐 Who’s with you???⁉️ Man I was so caught!😁😂😂 He buked me so hard, I felt like I had got a whuppin’! He laughed so hard when I called him and told him how tickled I was! Whew!😂 However, God blessed my shows in Chicago and Portsmouth all while wearing my sling and I was still blinged out!😳 I’m about to start 4 months of physical therapy on a travel prescription cause I got shows up the waz-zoo already booked! I love y’all!❤️ Thanks everybody for all your patience with me and even the ones who rebooked your date!😍 I’m so sorry!😍#slingblingandsing

A photo posted by Vickie Winans (@vickiewinans) on May 25, 2015 at 4:23pm PDT


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