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We have seen the facebook posting of the church dancing, but we did not see was the context.

Well, here is the context of all that dancing and secular music  direct  from the pastor Dr. E Dewey:

In 2005, our church adopted a multi-generational theme and began to creatively acknowledge and highlight each generation throughout the year. We believe that all generations are vital and important to God. Since 2007, we’ve decided that each November, for our Church’s Anniversary, we would honor people who’ve been a part of the church for 50-80 years. We also decided to have an annual moment of ‘fun’ for our church that would highlight each generation. Since I am a comedian by nature, I endeavored to determine how we could have one fun moment annually amongst the generations of our ministry.

Since 2007, at the end of our Church’s Anniversary (after praise and worship, prayer, singing, honoring older members, preaching of the Word, altar call and giving) we’d do something fun and memorable. We would highlight each generation by finding music that was unique to each generation. We would find music, secular and sacred, that was popular during the times of each generation. The secular music would have to be non-violent, non-misogynistic, non-vulgar, non-profane, non-degrading and non-sexual in nature.

On each Anniversary weekend, we ask each member to dress in the color of their generation. The “Builders” (those born 1945 and before) are asked to wear black; the “Boomers” (those born between 1946-1965) are asked to wear brown; the “Busters” (those born between 1966-1983) are asked to wear gray; the “Bridgers” (those born between 1984-2003) are asked to wear red; and the “Blossoms” (those born between 2004 and the present) are asked to wear blue.

This was the video that went viral:

The Greater Travelers Rest Baptist Church “House of Hope ATL” celebrating our 138th year anniversary with a B.C. (before Christ) song and A.D. (after Christ) song for all 5 generation.This is the explanation:


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