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John Love Jr. is one of Charlotte’s most talented actors and poets, but Love also has a spiritual side that resonates as strongly as his drama skills. I’ve been slack lately, but a couple of years ago I regularly attended Love’s weekly guided meditations.

I alternated between Love’s sessions and the Vajradhara Buddhist Center’s weekly drop-in meditation sessions. I liked them both. What I like most about Love’s sessions is that he talks real-talk. Starting this week, Praise Charlotte will occasionally feature meditations from John Love. Enjoy.

What are you doing?

Breathing regardless.

Enjoying regardless.

Opening regardless.

Allowing regardless.

Sipping from the cup of The Sho’ Nuff Feel Good regardless.

NEVER wait for anything in order to be happy.

Roll into it now. Breathe into it now.

Curl up in it now. Run naked into and through it now!