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It’s been difficult to write anything about the George Zimmerman trial verdict that doesn’t begin and end with profanity-laced diatribe topped with rage. As if the reality that there is Florida legislation — and similar laws in some 20 other states — that effectively protects prejudice-holding vigilantes like George Zimmerman and their hunting and slaughtering of Black children wasn’t infuriating enough, making it even worse is the smug behavior of the cast of characters who serve as a support system for that murderer.

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At their press conference, Zimmerman’s attorneys Mark O’Mara and Don West practically threw their win in the faces of people of color: They’ve essentially been on a victory tour, engaging with what seems like any media outlet with a functional camera and working microphone.

As despicable as it feels to see so many profit off of the murder of a Black teenager, what makes me even more furious is that some actually want you to feel sorry for whatever purported dangers are heading their way.

During his interview on “The View,” Mark O’Mara mentioned that Zimmerman’s trial will likely change his life for the foreseeable future if not the duration of his life.

On Zimmerman’s whereabouts, O’Mara explained, “He’s in hiding. I don’t think he ever walks the street again without thinking the person walking at him, or behind him, has the anger that we now see in some of the tweets … there is so much emotion attached to this case.”

Congratulations, Mr. Zimmerman. You are now a minority in this country in which we have to wonder every day of our lives as to whether or not we will be victimized in some way for simply existing by people like you. I call that irony. After all, wasn’t it your assertion that these “f**king punks” always “get away with” stuff that led to Trayvon Martin’s death. So what if you’re scared for the rest of your life? You’re fortunate enough to even be able to still breathe.

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I, personally, couldn’t give a single damn if your head implodes from all of the guilt that ought to be lodged in to your head. That is, if you have any remaining remnants of a soul. If Mark O’Mara’s intention was to instill guilt over the fact that George Zimmerman’s racial profiling and subsequent killing of an unarmed child spells a life of fear and anxiety of another George Zimmerman taking George Zimmerman out, hardy har, the joke’s on you, sir.

Then there was O’Mara himself claiming that his wife now fears for their safety. Well, O’Mara took on this case pro bono for a come-up and with that attention comes the consequences.

Same for Juror B-37, who didn’t want to show her face while speaking with Anderson Cooper because she wanted to remain “cautious.” Meanwhile, she announced that she signed with a lit agent was fishing for a book deal. That agent ultimately dropped her and the juror no longer wants to shop the book — probably because the protests will be so intense no publisher wants to even press their luck.

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Regardless, these are all people who in some way gained something from the death of a child.

A boy who died in fear. Fear that each of them has gained or tried to gain from. They seem to want sympathy, but as far as I’m concerned they can all go directly to the bottom of hell. You reap what you sow. Besides whatever worries you have, at least you’re alive to have them. Trayvon Martin should only be so lucky.

Michael Arceneaux is a Houston-bred, Howard-educated writer and blogger. You can read more of his work on his site, The Cynical Ones. Follow him on Twitter: @youngsinick

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