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In the past three years I have acquired so many friends via social media. Although I’ve never met Lesley in real life, she’s totally my boo. Her natural hair is beyond swoon-worthy and how adorable are those glasse?! She’s like my twin on Instagram constantly giving good face and popping those curls of hers.

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We chatted for a bit and I realized we have so much in common. She shared her bad day hair solutions, her worst hair memories, and a few products that I think you all will love. Check our interview below.

HelloBeautiful: Have you always loved your hair?

Lesley Billingsley: Up until the age of 22 I had a relaxer and I didn’t know anything else. I used to see girls with beautiful curls when I was younger and wished that my hair could do that. I had NO idea what my natural hair was capable of because my hair was never curly except for baby pictures. I chose to chop all of my hair off at the age of 22 and start fresh! Even after doing that its been a LONG journey for me to love my hair. During the months after my “big chop”, I had to deal with criticism from family that I was not expecting. I had to turn to YouTube, and other forms of social media, for support and styling help. Now, at the age of 27, I can proudly say that I L-O-V-E my hair.

HB: What are some of your bad hair day solutions?

LB: Water is the key to success for me! Wash-n-go’s are my favorite style. So if I don’t like what I see I just dunk my hair in some water and go!

HB: And your worst hair moments or memories?

LB: When I was seven or eight my hair was down to my bum. I used to play with my hair frequently and my mother got tired of combing out the knots I accumulated. So one day after playing with my hair and getting 2 large knots close to my scalp my mother took scissors and left about an inch of hair on my head. Talk about traumatizing! Another terrible memory happened while I was in high school. I was pressured into dying my hair red by my mother. That same day, I was at an all white party and got caught in the rain. My brand new white outfit became pink!

HB: LMAO, give our naturalistas some tips for natural hair!

LB: Keep your hair hydrated and protected while sleeping (bonnets, scarves, silk pillowcases, etc), detangle while SOAKING wet, and please experiment with different products until you find the winning combo for your hair. Don’t attempt to brush or comb dry curls! Expect your hair not to stand a chance against humidity! LOL. Assume what works for other naturals will work for you. Don’t be afraid to take risks and mix it up! our hair is versatile and can do so much.

Amen to all of that! Chime in via the comments below if you have any natural hair tips or stories for us to share on #RealGirlsRealCurls!


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