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Real faith filled life begins with real prayer. Many of us put in our weekly visits to church and consider that enough time. True prayer can be a great thing.

A Good prayer can and should be intensely personal, we cannot learn to pray personally, or ever excel at it, unless we are willing to pray privately. Our Lord tells us this point blank when he warns us not to be hypocrites, who pray only in public, but to go to our rooms, close our doors and pray privately to our Father, who reads the secrets of our hearts (Matthew 6). In fact, the New Testament speaks repeatedly about private prayer (and says comparatively little about any other kind). Jesus prayed at his baptism (Luke 3:21), He frequently went aside to pray alone (see Matthew 14, Mark 1 & 6, Luke 5 & 6, etc.), He prayed at the time of his Transfiguration (Luke 9), He prayed that Peter would not fail in his faith (Luke 22), and He prayed mightily during his Passion (Matthew 26, Mark 14). Even his great priestly prayer at the Last Supper (for all those the Father had given Him in the world) was an intensely personal prayer said in the presence of the Twelve (John 17).