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And the #1 lie that comes out of a guy’s mouth is…

“Yes, honey, I did it.”

Translation: They didn’t do something they were supposed to do.

The #1 lie that comes out of a woman’s mouth is…

“I’m fine.”

Translation: I’m not fine. I’m lying about how I feel.

A survey on liars found that men lie 3 times more often than women. Men tell three lies a day while women tell one. Who do we lie to most? Men and women agree — we lie to our boss. Here are the top five:

We lie most to our…

1) Boss

2) Family members

3) Partner

4) friends

Top five lies told by men:

1. Yes, I’ve done it- 45%

2. Sorry, I had no signal- 41%

3. I’m on my way- 39%

4. I didn’t see you’d called/texted- 35%

5. I don’t look at other women- 30%

Top five lies told by women:

1. I’m fine- 27%

2. I’m on my way- 26%

3. It was on sale- 24%

4. You look really nice- 19%

5. Sorry, I had no signal- 16%