In response to recent events, there has been a community call-to-action for “8 Can’t Wait” — a project by Campaign Zero to bring transformative change to police departments nationwide that moves beyond policing as a key to public safety.  CMPD supports this initiative and currently has policies in place that align with these 8 standards; […]

A new survey is revealing that Americans feel like Blacks were treated more fairly in 2007 than now.

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And the #1 lie that comes out of a guy’s mouth is… “Yes, honey, I did it.” Translation: They didn’t do something they were supposed to do. The #1 lie that comes out of a woman’s mouth is… “I’m fine.” Translation: I’m not fine. I’m lying about how I feel. A survey on liars found […]

Who decides what’s beautiful and what’s not in our society? I’ve always wondered why some women are considered drop dead gorgeous while others, not so much. In the past, the standard of beauty in America has been “blonde hair, blue eyes, and skinny”. It’s no secret that as African American women, we are known for […]