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The United States prides itself on “exceptionalism” and being the world’s “super-power;” unfortunately those bragging rights do not extend to how we treat many groups, including our mothers, reports Clutch Magazine.

While nations such as Finland and Australia ranked in a top ten based on such factors as maternal mortality, healthcare and maternity leave, the United States finished at a dismal number 25 in a recently released report.

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Last week, Save the Children released its annual State of the World’s Mothers Report. The United States failed to break the top 10 list of the best places to be a mother, which included the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Ireland, Belgium, Australia, Belgium, Finland, Denmark, New Zealand, Sweden, Iceland and Norway in the top spot. The United States sits at number 25, nestled between the Czech Republic and Belarus, on a list of roughly 173 countries.

The Mother’s Index incorporates both the Women’s and Children’s indexes.The Women’s Index is compiled, based on factors such as risk of maternal death, percentage of women using modern contraception, female life expectancy, expected number of years of formal female schooling, maternity leave benefits, ratio of expected male-to-female earned income, and participation of women in national government. The Children’s Index reviews child mortality and pre-primary and secondary school enrollment. Based on the child-related factors alone, the United States falls to 31.

Losing on many fronts, from healthcare and the economy, to occupation and innovation, the United States may want to do a little less bragging and a lot more work solving the issues that jeopardizes its citizens — especially women and children.

Read more at Clutch Magazine.


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