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When keeping it real only serves to drive you deeper into misery then it is time keep it exceptionally unreasonable, beautifully absurd, phenomenally implausible, gorgeously unbelievable, and decidedly unreal.

Reality is a construction. Reality is a breathtaking bit of design, an unfathomable unfurl of architecture. Reality is a rapacious and insatiable and feverish and ecstatic and luxurious and defiant creation. So get creative and have a good time in the process.

Entertain only the notions that inspire you to sheen, shimmer, and radiate luminous like a ripe lover radiates readiness. Entertain only the multitude of visions in which you intend to live. Entertain only that and those you’d actually like to show up for dinner.

Reality. It’s all so entertaining isn’t it?

How’s that for keeping it real?

John Love Jr. is a Charlotte-based actor, poet and meditative guide. Find him on Facebook.

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