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I always say, “God whispers and He roars”. Well, He has been definitely roaring at me as of late. Through dreams, sermons, devotionals, conversations and life experiences, God has been telling me one thing…“I am in control.” So, what if my promise doesn’t match your reality? Or even worse, your reality is the extreme opposite of what I have promised your future will be, “I am in control.” Many of us, definitely me, tend to get caught up right there, in the “God’s promise versus Our reality” battle.

God’s Promise: A promising future.

Our Reality: A struggling present.

God’s Promise: A family.

Our Reality: Single and no prospects.

God’s Promise: Positively impacting the world.

Our Reality: My enemies out number my friends.

God’s Promise: Good health and strength.

Our Reality: Health challenges.

So, how do you continue to walk forward in God’s promise, while your present is yanking you backwards, spinning you sideways, tripping you, causing you to pass out and wanting to give up? Good question. Here’s the answer…

Faith. No more. No less.

Now, you can’t just have faith, you must put your faith to action. Walking out our faith is the only way we can become an active participant in God’s plan. If we decide that because our uncertain present doesn’t match up with God’s promising future, we are going to not move forward in faith, we are telling God we give up. If we are not an active participant in walking out God’s plan through walking out our faith, we are telling God, I am not the person you thought I was. We are saying you can’t trust me with this task. I am not strong enough or bold enough…I flat out don’t trust you in this God.

However, what God wants us to do is to say, yes, I am not strong enough or bold enough to do this…WITHOUT you in it God. I flat out trust you over myself and man. My strength is only found in trusting you God. My boldness can only be developed in believing in you God.  Even though it doesn’t match up with my right now, I actively participate in your plan because I have surrendered all I am so you can lead me to my promising future. In doing so, God’s gets the victory.

Walk in faith. Live in love.

Mo Wood