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Woman Outdoors Relaxing In Countryside Closing Eyes And Breathing Deeply Enjoying Calm Of Nature

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Today is Wellness Wednesday! If you didn’t know, April is Stress Awareness Month! Stress comes in a lot of different forms, but it’s important for us to know ways to cope with it! Today, I want to encourage you to unplug and breathe. This means unplugging from anything that can bring you bad news or negativity. It could be something as simple as the news or even social media, but the bottom line is to unplug for a few minutes and take deep breathes. I suggest taking about 5 minutes to perform deep breathing exercises at it will help transition your body into a more relaxed state. In addition, this will help ease your anxiety, and also, reduce your blood pressure and heart rate too. So, today, take a 5-minute time-out to practice your deep breathing and let that stress melt away! Now, that’s your Wellness Wednesday Tip of the Day.