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It’s @JaiTalks guest hosting for Erica Campbell. Today’s Faith Walk is about faith over anxiety.

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 Truth moment…I acknowledge that I don’t even have a mustard seed of faith sometimes. I’m just going to be real. I even keep a little mustard seed in my house just so I can see, like, I just need at least this amount because sometimes I really just doubt. Another truth moment is I have come to the conclusion that I don’t always trust God the way that I think I do. I sing about it and speak about it, but then it comes time to actually applying it and I start really putting my hands all in the mix and feeling like I can make things happen.  

I was on live the other day on Instagram, talking about how (since 2020) I have recurring bouts with anxiety. The crazy thing is I’ve experienced more anxiety, the more stable and secure I actually become. It feels crazy, but the more I get things established, I get worried…and I was thinking, “why?” 

Well, number one, we know that that’s the enemy. Let’s just start there. We know that that’s Satan. Also, the other one is because right before the pandemic I was in what I thought to be a secure marriage. I thought I was in a great job. I was working for a ministry that had over 20,000 members, and my daughter was doing great in school and then BOOM—all of a sudden everything I had worked hard for, planned for, and prayed for was destroyed and I had no control over it. 

Now, with the help of God, I literally spent the last few years rebuilding and healing, but it has truly been a challenge because I felt like the rug was pulled from up under me, when I’m with no warning. I realize now that I haven’t been able to fully enjoy the current season that I’m in because I’ve been bracing for impact. That devil is ugly. He’s ugly. He got me nervous, and I really had to address that thing. I used to love to plan, and I used to love to organize, I used to love to dream about the future. All of a sudden, because of that season of my life where it was snatched away from me, I kind of get nervous about planning for the future—I’m like, well, if it can just change, it can just change in a moment. Then why? Why work hard? Satan is trying to paralyze me whenever I pull out my planner. So I just want to encourage someone because that’s not the way that God wants us to live. He wants us to enjoy life, no matter the season! 


We have to challenge ourselves even—when we’re paralyzed—to think about the goodness of Jesus!  Dream again, my friends. I don’t know what you’re going through. I don’t know what caught you off guard…but I want you to know that God is faithful and he is true! And just remember, in Philippians, Paul wrote that stuff when he was in prison. He was in prison in one of the most terrible times of his life, and he still said, “I’m going to challenge myself even with anxiety, even with fear, even with the fear of the unknown, that I’m going to trust God.” So, I just pray that this helps someone who may be experiencing anxiety like I’ve been, and I just cast that stuff out! That is nothing but the devil and I replace it with joy because I’ve gotten so much relief from literally thinking on the fact that I can cast my cares and all of my issues to Jesus, and he’ll carry him for me! 


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