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It’s still summer, but it may be time to start thinking about your winter holiday plans.

The experts at Scott’s Cheap Flights say it’s best to start looking at your Christmas and New Year’s Eve flights now.

Booking peak season travel for the opposite season is the aim. The reason? It’s like getting a great price on swimwear in the winter.

The time is “just right” for finding the best offer, or what Scott’s Cheap Flights refers to as the “goldilocks window.” Depending on your departure date, that “goldilocks window” changes. According to Scott’s Cheap Flights, domestic travel should be booked one to three months in advance, while international travel should be booked two to eight months in advance.

Booking during busiest travel periods, like the height of the summer or close to winter holidays like Christmas and New Year’s Eve, alters this window.

The time to make travel arrangements for your winter vacation is right now.

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