Community Voices with Ron Holland

The 2022 Mid-Term elections are upon us.  It’s no understatement the direction of our country is at stake, and the party that controls the House and Senate largely depends on the American people.  Where’s the enthusiasm? Well, the latest polls suggest that a blue or red wave is a toss up.  But, if early voting […]

According to statistics, there are upward of 300 million physical therapy sessions each year.  Injury, whether from a fall, motor vehicle accident, or sports activity – can be debilitating, painful, and financially inconvenient – especially if you’re required to take off from work to heal.  So when it comes to the health, wellness and physical […]

  There are nearly 2 million new cancer diagnoses each year in the United States.  Every 12 minutes a woman dies from some form of Cancer. Over 27,000 African American women will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year.  Those are some of the statistics. But Ms. Kelly Turner, founder of the 501(c3) non-profit, the […]

America’s incarceration rate belies the notion that equitable treatment in the criminal justice system is what other nations should aspire to emulate or that our educational system, corporate infrastructure as it relates to employment, and our nation’s social constructs should be the envy of the world and beacon of democracy. Here’s a fact that you […]

The numbers are alarming.  According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), High Blood Pressure is 54% more common in Black adults, 46% in whites, Asians at 39%, while Hispanics at 36%.  Not only are African Americans grappling with Diabetes, Coronary Heart Disease and High cholesterol, stress is manifesting mentally and physically in the lives […]

Residents of Charlotte and surrounding communities will have an opportunity to receive free health screenings, learn about opportunities to buy a home, as well as avoid foreclosure; enjoy fun activities – especially for children; and as the November Mid-Term elections approaches, get registered to vote.  ‘COMMUNITY VOICES’ host, Ron Holland talked with Nykole Wyatt Education […]

With nearly 50 million Americans experiencing a mental illness, the urgency to address health disparities and inequity is critical. North Carolina is ranked 44 in how states across the country respond to mental illness. Even more sobering,”communities of color where mental health often comes with a stigma,” families are silently suffering grief and loss – […]

While conversations about mental health and wellness is mainstream, according to some studies, 63% of African Americans still consider mental illness a personal weakness. The stigma of mental illness continues to hamper efforts to fully address depression, bi-polar disorder and other mental health challenges in the black community.  But Mental Health America of Central Carolinas […]

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) continues to track Monkey Pox cases in the United States.  To date, there’s nearly 11,000 cases in the nation, with 131 confirmed Monkey Pox infections in North Carolina.  The number of Monkey Pox cases in Mecklenburg County has increased from 53 to 66 cases in the last […]

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is one of our nation’s most beloved figures – especially as it relates to the Civil Rights Movement.  While Dr. King is cherished worldwide today, he faced enormous headwinds with regard to his popularity when he was alive. It reflected in the polls of his time, as well as […]

Hundreds of young people in Charlotte and surrounding communities are being provided the kinds of opportunities that will foster self-worth, buttress self-esteem and provide them the tools to reach their full potential. This is the mission of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Carolinas.  This year, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Carolinas will celebrate […]

There’s a bevy of fun activities and programs in the Queen City, and Mecklenburg County.  From city nightlife, to parks, recreation and enjoying nature in the Greenway trails, as well as a host of fun activities for children.  ‘COMMUNITY VOICES’ host Ron Holland, opens the microphone for Guest hosts, Christine Edwards and Enovia Bedford to […]