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I don’t know who Cassy Goble is, or why she posted what she posted about relationships on Twitter, but she has created quite the fireworks – and a good disussion. @CassyGoble posted on Twitter back in June and social media went crazy!

Lots of modern women spoke up in agreement, saying they wholeheartedly agree.  No problem picking up “half”.  Others say this is obsurd and think its the wrong approach – even in 2018.

Interesting opinion from Madame Noire that basically says, women get the short end of the stick in “50/50” relationships, saying that “While most people assume 50/50 is equal, it’s not always fair. Fair would be an even split of all household responsibilities, not just the bills. That means cooking, cleaning, childrearing, liaising with school/daycare, organizing holidays, making household purchases, managing appointments, maintenance/DIY, laundry, managing savings and investments, caring for and helping other family members, ironing, caring for sick children, hosting guests, sorting and distributing mail, organizing storage spaces, disposing of trash and recycling, yard work, supervising homework, planning summer activities, and an overabundance of responsibilities that, guess what, women take on by a large majority.”   They suggest that the split ends up being 80/20 work share. And according to a 2014 Mumset survey, not only do women do twice as much housework, they typically do so in addition to a full day at the office.

What are your thoughts. Is 50/50 fair? And does it really end up being 50/50?