The Clinton parade continues in North Carolina on Sunday. Former president Bill Clinton will speak in Charlotte at an undisclosed location. You Won’t Believe This! Black Republicans Release HBCU PSA As Election Day Looms According to Hillary Clinton’s website, says President Clinton will discuss his wife’s  plans for building an economy that works for everyone and her record of […]

According to the latest Pew numbers, you are not alone!  The new poll finds that more than a third of American social media users are “worn out” by the overabundance of political commentary in our social media feeds. The poll also finds that more than 80 percent of social media users try to ignore political posts […]

After trailing by nearly double digits, Governor Pat McCrory now leads Democratic challenger Roy Cooper by one point, according to a  Monmouth University poll. McCrory’s support for HB2 killed his popularity earlier this summer, but his performance in handling recent disasters gave him a boost at the polls. “HB2 seemed to be the contest’s driving factor […]

Preparation is key when going to vote. One tool that is helpful for this is the sample ballot. You can find a personalized version of a sample ballot for your districts by going to this link and following the four easy steps. Use this sample ballot to familiarize yourself with what you will see at the […]

So if you’ve been feeling some kind of way about the way this election season, you are not alone. In a poll done by Colby College-Boston Globe, it looks like 80 percent of eligible voters nationwide are embarrassed by the presidential race.  Seventy percent think that it’s so bad it that the world will view us differently and […]

Early voting started today, and Olympia D had a chance to interview President Obama about the importance of voting early. The two chatted about everything from the Obama impersonations to the dangers of sitting out this election. Listen to their interview below.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump did not back down on his statement from last nights debate that he would not accept the results of the election unless he wins. At an Ohio rally today, Trump told his supporters that he would only do so if he is the victor. “I would like to promise and pledge […]

Charlotte’s native son Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx was on the list of possible vice presidential candidate in early March, according to a wire story in the Charlotte Observer. Foxx along with other African-American possibilities including New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker, former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed and former Attorney General Eric Holder, […]

Sen. Tim Kaine, Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s vice presidential running mate, will be at Heist Brewery on Thursday, according to media reports. One-stop starts here on Thursday at certain locations. Kaine will be in town to encourage Democrats to head to the polls early. Doors to Thursday’s event open at 10:30 a.m. RSVP here. According […]

President Obama reaches his final 100 days in office. He has a lengthy to-do list and every intention to get it all done.

President Obama will likely leave office as one of the most successful and poplar presidents in recent memory. His success hasn’t come without failures. Want the latest news and gossip at your fingertips? Text NC to 71007 to join our text club! On Tuesday, during a talk with students at a North Carolina A&T town […]

With Donald Trump’s “lewd comments” coming in less than 48 hours before the debate, one would have thought that the so-called populist Republican candidate would have been more contrite. But that’s not Donald Trump’s style. In fact, he brought no less than three of Bill Clinton sexual assault accusers to the debate with him to […]