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north bathroom law deadline by 5pm

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Citing four reasons, The Charlotte Observer’s editorial board for the first time in 25 years, has chosen not to endorse Republican Pat McCrory in his bid for gubernatorial reelection. The Observer has supported McCrory is each of his political steps, beginning with two bids for City Council, seven times as mayor and twice for governor, but yesterday announced that it feels he might have risen “to the level of [his] incompetence.”

Naming HB2, not supporting a check on the legislature, McCrory’s “other policies”  which include restrictive voting laws, cut off of long-term federal unemployment benefits, as reasons; the Observer also cites his opponents integrity, education and experience as reasons to vote for Democratic candidate Roy Cooper.

The Observer commends McCrory’s past public service but says he has “climbed the ladder beyond his abilities.” Read more here