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Bill Clinton is known as a great political orator and for his diplomacy–except when it comes to his wife, Hillary Clinton.

During her first presidential campaign in 2008, Bill Clinton called Barack Obama‘s opposition to the war in Iraq a “fairy tale.” The comment was widely viewed as racially tinged and disparaging about the then-upcoming senator from Illinois. That wasn’t the only time.

On more than one occasion, the presidential hopeful had to clean up her husband’s vigorous support and defense, with one political pundit noting that every time Clinton gained traction, he would throw her off her game. She eventually moved him into the background.

Now, she’s back at it in 2016, leading some to wonder if the candidate will shelf one of her most ardent supporters because of his testy responses to her critics.

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In the latest rumpus, Bill spoke during a campaign stop Monday in Spokane, Washington on behalf of his wife, referring to her as a change-maker, while acknowledging there may be a few reasons people will not support her. And then he lost it…

From Politico:

He added, however, that voters should support her “if you believe we’ve finally come to the point where we can put the awful legacy of the last eight years behind us and the seven years before that,” according to USA Today.

Hillary Clinton campaign press secretary Brian Fallon sought to clarify early Tuesday that the former president was referring to Republican obstruction of Obama when he used the term “awful.”

“Sanders is only Dem in race who actually attacks @POTUS,” Fallon wrote, retweeting a report from The Hill in which [Democratic presidential candidate and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders] criticized Bill Clinton for his comments regarding Obama.

The comment comes at a time when Clinton has been embracing President Obama’s economic policies and successes in an effort to score points with Black voters, whose votes she needs to win the nomination and the general election. She and Sanders are locked in a fierce battle.

Do you think Bill Clinton helps or hurts Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign?

SOURCE: Politico | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty


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