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Source: The Belle Report / The Belle Report

TBR- Richmond, VA – Gospel Legends took over St. Paul’s Baptist Church, Richmond, VA on Saturday, October 3rd where Dr. Lance D. Watson is the senior pastor. The Winans and The Clark Sisters were all present and accounted for during one of the most memorable and historical FREE concerts to ever take place in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Celebrating the 30th Pastor & People Anniversary of St. Paul’s Baptist Church, Pastor Marvin Winans, Carvin Winans, Benjamin “BeBe” Winans from the Winans and Twinkie Clark, Jackie Clark Chisholm, Dorinda Clark Cole and Karen Clark Sheard from the legendary Clark Sisters all came together for their first joint venture concert ever!

Pastor Marvin Winans said, “You all here in Richmond are the first to see this.”

They shared stories about growing up and going to school together including Pastor Marvin Winans calling on Dorinda, who was also called Grace during her high school days, to join him in the choir room. Dorinda said, “Once we got in there, people started coming out of their classrooms to see what was going on.”

BeBe also shared a few memories about big brother Pastor Marvin who use to be called Vampire. He said, “Not for that reason, but because he could always take the vamp of a song and turn it into a whole song.” The crowd could only laugh in response as BeBe then called on Pastor Marvin to do exactly that, and he did…flawlessly.

Throughout the evening the crowd heard hit, after hit after hit songs like “Endow Me”, “The Question Is,” “Blessed and Highly Favored”, and “Sunday Morning” just to name a few.

Source: The Belle Report / The Belle Report

BeBe Winans catches up to The Belle

Source: The Belle Report / The Belle Report

Dr. Anthony M. Chandler, Sr. & First Lady Taleshia Chandler of Cedar Street Baptist Church of God, Richmond, VA,  and First Lady Rose Watson and Dr. Lance D. Watson of St. Paul’s Baptist Church attend concert

Both groups stayed on stage during the entire evening, singing their individual hits, group hits while often singing along and doing runs on each other songs.

It was truly a fun, raw and authentic evening of Praise and Worship that was filled with fire!

Well Done!

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