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I was catching up on the world news on NewsOne and found an online discussion regarding soul food. The author of the article asked a simple question, what’s your favorite soul food restaurant.

He’s based in NYC and stated his favorites in the area are Amy Ruth’s and Melba’s in Harlem. He’s also been to a few chicken and waffle places in Indianapolis and LA. He says Roscoe’s in LA had his heart (well, not exact words, but he liked it).

He wanted to hear from others regarding their favorite soul food restaurants in their respective cities. It got me to thinking about a conversation a friend and I have all the time when we are deciding where to go for lunch.

She’s a South Carolina homegirl who doesn’t like to eat soul food out because she says no one can cook it like her momma. I am a Charlotte native that doesn’t mind spending a little dough for someone else to whip up my favorite soul treats (fried chicken, baked mac n cheese, collards and yams). So, it made me think. How many people think like my SC homegirl and how many think like me.

Sound off, do you like to eat soul food out? If so, what’s your favorite soul food spot (in Charlotte or elsewhere).

BTW, I love Mert’s here in Charlotte.