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Michael Brown, 18, Ferguson, Missouri. Ezell Ford, 24, LA, California. Eric Garner, 43, New York City. John Crawford, 22, Beavercreek, Ohio. Dante Parker, 36, Victorville, California. Johnathan Ferrell, Charlotte, North Carolina. Sean Bell, 23, New York City. Orlando Barlow, 28, LA, California. Timothy Stansbury Jr. 19, Brooklyn, New York. Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams, Cleveland Ohio. Oscar Grant, 22, Oakland, California…

The names above are but a few in a long list of victims of unjustifiable killings by police. All over the country in both large metropolitans and small towns, the interaction between police and black men – young and old – often has negative and deadly consequences.

A clash between protestors and police in Ferguson, Missouri following the shooting death of 18 year old Michael Brown by police officer Darren Wilson, reminds the nation that tensions between police and the communities they serve is a persisting problem. The nation also has to grapple with a new reality: highly militarized police departments with regular officers donning military-style gear, police perched atop armored trucks in sniper position, mine resisting vehicles barreling down Main Street USA and local cops advancing on protesters in riot formation – using tear gas, rubber bullets and flash bombs to disperse crowds. And as the tear gas dissipates in Ferguson, the question of why unarmed black men of all ages continue to be killed by police.

‘COMMUNITY VOICES’ host, Ron Holland examines this critical question and the disturbing images of a militarized police force exerting control in the heartland of the United States.