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As more information continues to emerge about the Navy Yard Shooter, officials say, their investigation continues.

However reports now say that six weeks before he killed 12 people at the Washington Navy Yard, Aaron Alexis, 34 called police to his hotel room in Rhode Island and said he was hearing voices in the closet and wanted to move to a Navy hotel.

Alexis, who also worked as a Navy contractor, made the call back in August and told police that he had had an argument with three people at the airport, and claimed that they were following him.

Police asked for descriptions, but Alexis did not go further than saying they were two black men and a black woman, Fitzgerald said. He told police he was fine emotionally and physically and said he did not need further help.   Police also ran a check on Alexis, but no warrants came back.

Military officials said Tuesday that Alexis had a security card that allowed him access to the Navy Yard, and he shot his way into an office building there by killing a police officer at the base and grabbing his handgun.

One day after the rampage, authorities continue to look for a motive while also putting together a profile. Now reports are also showing that Alexis, appears to have had a history of psychological problems and was deteriorating, and military officials said he had a disciplinary record that included insubordination and disorderly conduct.

Further in his past, Alexis was accused three years ago of accidentally firing a bullet into an upstairs apartment, and nine years ago of shooting the tires of another person’s car during an anger-fueled blackout in Seattle, where he had family. At that time, his father told detectives that Alexis helped with rescues after the Sept. 11 attacks and suffered post-traumatic stress.

On Monday, authorities and witnesses said, Alexis opened fire from the fourth floor of the Naval Sea Systems Command headquarters at the Navy Yard. They said he fired into a breakfast crowd in an atrium below, at others on a third-floor balcony and at at least one man in a fourth-floor corridor.

Alexis himself was killed after exchanging fire with officers who stormed the headquarters of the Naval Sea Systems Command.

Law enforcement officials said Tuesday that they believed Alexis used a shotgun and two handguns in the spree.

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