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Two days before I moved into my new place earlier this month, I wondered where the remaining funds would come from. I’d done the math and still couldn’t figure out the ends. As my family was packing up our last boxes, we found an old piece of mail that contained a month old check. The amount would carry us through the doors to our new home. I shook my head in amazement. God had come through once again.

The greatest moments in my journey have been tests of faith, where an impossible situation is worked out way beyond my human consumption and conception. It’s amazing to see God take my disbelief, throw it into the air and turn it into a miracle. I humbly shake my head every time, grateful and more reverent. God specializes in the impossible, and as a famous hymn declares, can do what no other power can do. If we turn our fears into faith, it can fuel us to become motivated and passionate enough to take on life’s toughest battles and overcome them.

Faith is a movement that will never align itself with human limitations. It’s a dance on the edge of the cliff, where you jump and expect to always be caught and kept within the winds and rapid pace of the current. In order to acquire big dreams and live a huge life, one must have the faith to match. You must believe so much in God’s ability to do the impossible for you that become tickled with passion, animated by fear’s futile attempts, and encouraged by your bad luck. Your life is faith’s track record; look at all of the marvelous things that God has warranted on your behalf! If you embrace faith as the fuel that drives success, you can live with your eyes on the prize and claim the rest of your blessings.

Esih Efuru, a 43 year old writer, artist and minister, is raising a daughter in Charlotte, NC. Email her

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