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One pastor in Ohio is going to extreme measures to spread God’s word.

Even if that means putting a stripper pole, not just inside his church, but front and center on the pulpit.

Pastor Mike Scruggs admits he’s anything but your traditional pulpit preacher. “We try to make it relevant straight forward we don’t sugar coat anything.”  His sermon series might raise a few eyebrows.

But on this night.. it drew a pack house at the Light of Word Ministries on Colerain Avenue.

“We talk about sex, we talk about drugs, we talk about faith, we talk about relationships; things that people are dealing with on a day to day basis.”

This series is called the Battle of the Sexes, with some rather interesting visual props.

“With our bed on one side what men want or desiring your stripper pole, your video games, your sports. The woman’s side orderly neat it’s all about love candy teddy bears roses and being wined and dined and cherished.”

He says his church brings in speakers and focuses on real situations and brings a godly solutions.

He says it’s more than provocative sermon titles.

“We push the envelope that’s true. I definitely don’t take it out of context. Some people might say he’s going to hell, he’s wrong. We want to talk about it we don’t want them to guess at it assume it’s wrong it right we want to talk about it.”

That’s taking evangelization to a new level.

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